At Carolina Process Piping, we offer a variety of design assistance services to help bring our clients’ projects from concept to complete system. Our available services include:

  • Layout assistance. Our layout assistance services focus on optimizing the layout of the system to facilitate operator and maintenance activities. We set up intuitive user interfaces, streamline maintenance processes, and integrate additional isolation valves.
  • Part placement optimization. By offering part placement optimization services, we intend to achieve the best interface placement for system interaction and ease of use.
  • Full documentation. We also provide full and thorough documentation of each system, which means that clients never need to concern themselves with lost or unrecorded details.

For example, if we partnered with a pharmaceutical company, our approach to optimization would be multi-pronged. After getting the optimal systems into place, our team would draw up complete documentation detailing every step of the process. Those clients would receive a full record of materials utilized, how the system meets specifications, a list of qualified procedures through ASTM, and details concerning compliance with ASME-B31.1 standards.


How Do We Guarantee Operational Safety?

To guarantee the operational safety of our systems, our team employs several standard practices, such as:

  • Making targeted, individualized recommendations concerning personnel, bollard, handrail, and personal protection placement
  • Leveraging professional expertise and a deep understanding of unique and custom needs to create targeted solutions
  • Maintaining compliance with OSHA standards
  • Certifying all operators with the necessary safety and operational credentials, including for fall protection, hot, lockout, and tag out work, working with personnel lifts, and confined spaces.


Our Specializations

At Carolina Process Piping, we specialize in high-purity fabrication and orbital welding. Our team can weld high-purity tubing ranging between 0.25 inches to 6 inches. Additionally, for specialty projects, we regularly utilize a combination of specialized materials and fabrication methods. For example, we can weld, machine, and finish a tube with an internal mirrored surface.

Our finished piping systems are suitable for processing ultra-high purity waters or gasses, making them ideal primarily for use in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Personal Care
  • High Purity Chemical
  • Specialty gas processing (such as in facilities that produce nitrogen, hydrogen, deuterium, nitrous oxide, etc.)

Our systems may also find application in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.


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At Carolina Process Piping, we provide high-quality, cost-effective tubing and piping system solutions. Our intention is always to minimize the cost to the client without jeopardizing the quality of the finished system. For example, if a piping or tubing system calls for three fittings between point A and point B, our expert engineers will analyze the design and layout to determine whether it can be optimized further (e.g., moving a piece could result in needing fewer fittings and weld joints).

To learn more about our design assistance and fabrication services or to receive a quote for partnering with our team on your next project, contact us today.


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