Project Manager / Estimator


Generate cost estimates for both small and large projects, as well as discussing and negotiating final project details with clients.

Determine man power requirements and implement for each project. This will also include managing supervisory personnel and assisting in the efficient completion of all scope items.

Ensure that scheduling requirements are met, with a constant awareness of a “Safety First” mentality.

Ensure that quality standards are met regarding the completed work.

Maintain good customer relations. This is especially important due the fact that we have multiple long term clients who, in some cases, can be demanding. Our clients have come to expect a high level of service and responsiveness. It is extremely important that we continue to serve in this regard.


Piping Superintendent


Direct and manage personnel as required for each project. Ensure all safety precautions are followed. Conduct safety reviews and meetings as required.

Maintain accurate time sheets for all personnel and distinct jobs.

Work with project manager to ensure required construction materials and equipment are on-site to increase project efficiency.

Ensure project goals are met, to include quality as well as accuracy to project drawings and documents.


Pipe Fitter


Must have the ability to read and understand project drawings and specifications.

Layout hangers and supports for piping runs.

Measure and prepare weldments for fabrication and installation. This includes use of power tools and equipment.

Ability to join pipe and fittings using specified materials and methods. This would consist of flanged, threaded, glued, pressed or welded joints.

Mounting and supporting in-line components and equipment as projects dictate. This would include valves, instruments, pumps, tanks, etc.


Pipe Welder


Ability to weld stainless steel and carbon steel piping to ASME standards. Some projects may require NDT or other testing be completed.

Welding of structural supports and brackets would also be required.

Assisting pipe fitters when not actually welding is also required.


Pipe Fitter Apprentice


Must have some mechanical aptitude and be willing to learn the trade.

Duties would consist of assisting pipe fitters and welders throughout the course of each project.

Ability to work safely with power tools and equipment.

Willingness to perform cleanup duties along with others on your work crew.


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